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Database Development

Microsoft Access Development / Maintenance Design and build custom databases with user interfaces that completely shield the end users from having to work with Access tables, queries, reports, etc. Custom coding using only VBA.   

Databases are typically multi-user and network based.  The preferred architecture is for each user to have a copy of the interface file connecting to a shared data file.

Databases can also be interfaced with other engines with an ODBC connection such as Microsoft SQL Server, Fox Pro, etc.

Code interfaces have been implemented to automate processing with Adobe Acrobat, PDFMaker, Microsoft Outlook, Lotus Notes, and

HIPAA, FERPA, and PCI compliance observed at all steps of implementation.

Data Conversion

I can convert that Excel worksheet that has blown up into a database into a solution that's easier to use and enforces clean data.

Data in formats such as delimited text, fixed width text, dBase, FoxPro, CSV, Excel, Lotus 1-2-3 can be cleaned up, aggregated, and returned as a functional database.  .

Network and Desktop Support

Implementation, maintenance, support, remediation of Windows network including Windows user versions running as  a server, Windows server running as a workgroup server, and Windows Active Directory implementation.  Currently recommending and implementing Office 365 for clients including migrating files to SharePoint document libraries.

Network services include designing and maintaining network infrastructure for small businesses including VPN access, commercial WiFi access points, and various backup schemes.

Desktop level services include recommending, implementing, and troubleshooting Windows systems along with associate peripherals as printers, scanners, etc.